Know the necessary documentation

Documentation plays a vital role in visa processing. While applying for any type of visa there are respective criteria for submitting the required documents as required by the individual Embassy.

The most required documents are as follows:

  • Application Form
  • It provides the candidate’s complete details to the embassy and must be filled and submitted prior to a visa filing.
  • Passport size photographs
  • Recently clicked passport-size photographs of the candidates per the specifics of the embassy are to be affixed with the application form.
  • Valid passport
  • The candidate's passport must be valid for 3 - 6 months at least before applying for a visa with a minimum of two empty pages.
  • Flight Itinerary
  • A flight itinerary or sometimes called flight reservation is a document that states the candidate’s travel plan from and back to their home country. For detailed information visit our itinerary section.
  • Travel Insurance Policy
  • The insurance covered makes the assurance that if any health issues occur the individual is financially covered in a foreign country. For detailed information visit our insurance section.
  • Covering letter
  • A covering letter for a visa application is a document that states the traveler’s intentions of travelling, duration, etc. Goviza creates a cover letter for the candidates that will serve the purpose to the best and speed up visa processing.
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Whether traveling for an employment trip or a study one, proof to ensure your financial sustainability is a necessity as it ensures that the candidate will be able to complete their international journey without any need for any additional financial assistance from anywhere.
Supporting documents and additional visa requirements

Documents submitted to the embassy in addition to the required documents in order to substantiate the reason for traveling. Following below are some of the documents which come under additional ones however might be considered necessary to certain embassies.

  • Resume
  • While applying for a work visa or study or business a resume is submitted. Goviza makes sure that the resume comes out to the best of to fit the requirements as per the visa applied for.
  • No objection letter
  • In case of traveling on a tourist visa, some embassies ask for a No Objection Letter. An employee traveling abroad hIn case of employment visa, a no objection letter from their employer, in the case of a study visa, from its university or concerned school.


Get documents apostilled hassle-free

Apostille is a type of attestation of the documents making it internationally legal. Apostille is done for personal documents like birth/death/marriage certificates, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, etc., and educational documents like degree, diploma, matriculation, and secondary level certificates, etc.

The attestation process is a multi-step process, takes tedious efforts, and requires knowledge to comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to the attestation. Goviza provides proficient professionals who are part of our own team to facilitate all the services with the respective Govt. authorities thereby ensuring timely service, quality control, and compliance.

The common documents requiring attestation are:
  • Educational Documents
  • It is to be verified by the place of issuance and attested by the State-designated authorities followed by the MEA Attestation/ Apostille.
  • Personal/Non-Educational Documents
  • All personal or non-educational documents are to be verified from the place of issuance and attested by the State-designated authorities followed by the MEA Attestation/Apostille.
  • Commercial Documents
  • All commercial documents related to business works such as Power of Attorney /Affidavit, Board Resolutions, Certificate of Incorporation, MOA, AOA, etc., are to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce and then followed by the MEA Attestation/Apostille.


Book an appointment slot for the respective embassy.

Goviza provides ease with appointment booking with prompt date and timing. To book your appointment kindly fill out the below-given form.


Get your travel insurance policy

Various travel insurance policies with various coverages are available in the present day and age for the candidate to choose for their travel. In an effort to provide assistance, Goviza has a trained team with in-depth experience in the industry who have assisted several candidates in selecting the best of policies according to their plans and needs thus getting the best coverage for their travel. To get the most suitable insurance policy for your own travel, kindly fill out the below-given form.


Get confirmed itinerary for travel

Goviza will provide you with a confirmed flight reservation for your flight travel and hotel stay which will be ideal for visa application. To get a flight itinerary kindly fill out the below-given form.

Interview Training

Personal mentorship for interview preparations

Appointments and interviews are an important part of the visa procedure. Goviza acts as a trainer cum mentor for the candidates to make them suitably fit for the visa. Goviza provides training services to both individual candidates as well as to other visa consultancy businesses that may be in need of trainers.

Document Transalation

Goviza created a team specialized in foreign languages to help and support the understanding of the documents to their best form, wiping out any possibility of wrong information being communicated for either client or for the applicants.


Applying for a Visa of any category never carries the full surety of procurement. The embassy or consulate may reject on some basis but it doesn't stop them from re-appealing. The re-appealing requires proper knowledge of the cause of refusal so that it works out or else it is fail again. Goviza helps the candidates in analyzing the errors in their refusal, assist and prepare them In proper assemble and filing of documents are taken care of along with personal guidance and training for the interview thus ensuring that the candidate is properly prepared to face the embassy or consulate again. If you are also looking to re-appeal your visa application, connect with our team for personal assistance and improve the chances of visa approval.

Visa Consulting

A visa application is an extensive process requiring detailed and correct filling of the details into the documents. Getting consulting services before applying for a visa helps the candidate in several ways the most important one is understanding the rules and guidelines of the particular country that the candidate is applying for. Goviza has the knowledge, experience, and an expert team who have handled clients with utmost professionalism and supportiveness. If you are looking for a visa consulting that can assist and help you with the visa process, you are at the right place. Connect with Goviza’s team to start the process of visa application today.

Document Verification

If you are facing any issue with your document verification, connect with Goviza for having the verification taken care of properly by the Goviza team of experts

PCC Applying

PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) is a document that provides a candidate’s profile background verification. This is required mainly for applicants applying for Residential Status, Employment, or Long term visa, or for immigration. Candidates applying for a tourist visa are exempted. Goviza facilitates the application of PCC for its clients in order to provide a hassle-free procedure to them.


Get customized visa processing services

Goviza provides an economical service of getting your services customized as to what and may suit your visa application needs. We look to provide a professional service to a variety of our candidates where the end vision is to make you suitably equipped for your visa.

To customize your service package, get in contact with our customer service and they may help you choose the individual services and group it as a package so that your needs can be taken care of with no more worries.