How do I verify hotel and flight tickets?

All flight reservations are verifiable from their original sources. Just visit the respective airline website, plugin the airline reservation code, and your name under manage my bookings. The same goes with hotel verification too. You can call the hotel directly to verify using your name. The hotel itinerary has a confirmation number from the booking systems that indicate that bookings have been made successfully with the hotel systems. If facing any issues, kindly connect with the Goviza customer care team and we would love to help you out.

I need a flight and hotel reservation urgently, can Goviza provide it?

Yes, we are open to delivering your order at the fastest possible time. We take orders to deliver itineraries within 2 hours, 6 hours, and 24 hours. Our team is available online 24/7 to connect.

Can Goviza get my visa application approved?

We do not play any role in the acceptance or refusal of Visa. Goviza’s services are limited to assisting candidates till they complete visa applications and improving chances of approval.

Does Goviza take re-appeal visa application cases?

Yes, we are open to accepting re-appeal cases of candidates whose visa applications have been rejected before. All services are available to them too.

Can I look for employment opportunities abroad through Goviza?

Yes, Goviza has helped many candidates find employment opportunities abroad and continues to do so. Through our contracts, we help in hiring candidates for various job roles.

How long will Goviza assist in the visa application process?

Goviza team assists throughout the whole visa application process.

Can I process my application online in Goviza?

Yes, the complete visa application process can be completed through the online process however we will need the full support of the applicant to provide us with the required details and documents.

Do I need a visa to visit any abroad country?

The requirement of a visa depends on foreign policies and relations of nations. Any candidate travelling to a foreign nation should check into the visa requirements of the nation towards their domestic nation.

How do I order my Goviza visa consultancy services?

Connect with our Goviza team online through chat, mail, or the contact information provided. Our team is available to connect 24/7 where you can convey your requirements and book services simultaneously.

How long is the visa application process?

The time taken for the complete visa application process to be completed varies upon different embassies working. However, the part of the Goviza team to do their part of work is usually delivered within 2 weeks of time depending upon the applicant coordination and services opted for.

Can I avail of individual services or will I need to purchase all?

All services are available to be accessed individually as well as in a bunch for the benefit of efficiency. Candidates can get customized services to suit their needs.

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