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We are an independent expedited visa processing service provider, having a verified reputation of aiding clients to successfully complete their visa acquirement process. Goviza has a dedicated team of skilled staff with robust knowledge about the visa processing. Having handled several cases with different backgrounds, the company carries the assurance of satisfactory results.


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Applying for a visa can be a stressful task, thus Goviza has in store all services one needs during the complete visa process.
One might select all the services to fulfill the pre-visa application requirements or as required may customize individual services to suit the needs.

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How does the visa process work?

The visa acquirement process is long however the following Goviza summarization walks you
through the process step-by-step with utmost care.


Complete application form

The first step into visa application is determining the requirements of the process. By filling in the given application form online or by visiting Goviza’s office, we receive details of your needs. We also receive details of the documents that are readily available and others that may need to be arranged.

Select Service and produce documents

The second step into visa application is to select the service that is required from Goviza to proceed with the visa application. the Applicant will also be asked to provide the existing necessary documents for the official form filling. Other required documents will be produced during the given time before the final submission of the official application form.


Document submission and visa interview

The following step in the process consists of scheduling a visa appointment at a visa application centre for the submission of the documents. Later r the candidate to attend the visa interview if asked for. Finally, Track on the application is maintained by our team.

Visa details

Category of Visa
we provide

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A student visa is granted to those candidates who travel for an educational purpose to a foreign country. The duration of the visa depends upon the time duration of the educational term that the candidate will pursue abroad, The documents of insurance, sufficient funds, proof of enrollment, flight itinerary, no objection letter from the educational institution, and apostilled personal certificates are deemed important while applying for a student visa.

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Employment visas are granted to those candidates who are looking forward to working for a certain period of time abroad and making an economic career. The duration of the visa depends upon the minimum work duration applying for, however, embassies also provide the service of extending the duration of the visa. The documents of insurance, resume, flight itinerary, employment contract, appointment letter, sufficient funds, and apostilled personal certificates are important while applying for an employment visa.

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Business visas are the short-duration visas granted to those applicants who may be visiting abroad on a business visit, declaring the motive through the cover letter. The time duration for the business visa is short given mostly being allowed for 3 months. The duration however can be extended as per requirements. The documents of insurance, sufficient funds, flight itinerary, cover letter, invitation letter, are deemed important while applying for a business visa.

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Tourist visas are the most common visas being applied for and are granted to those applicants who are visiting abroad for a tour or a short vacation stay purpose. The duration approved mostly lies under 90 days time that can be extended through the services provided by embassies. The documents of insurance, sufficient funds, flight itinerary, no objection letter, cover letter, and apostilled personal documents are deemed important while applying for a tourist visa.

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Why Choose Us?

Aiding individuals with proficiency Goviza is committed to aiding its clients with
competent proficiency displayed by its skilled and expert team staff.

Quality Service

  • Goviza primarily focuses on quality service being delivered to all its clients along with keeping eye on the finer details.

Higher Success Rate

  • With Goviza team staff being trained and updated about the global visa guidelines on a regular basis we provide an extensive know-how service

Great Support

  • Goviza promises close client assistance during the visa application process making the journey transparent and supportive


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